Portals: The Living Archive (2023)
2:30 mins

Portals: The Living Archive is a reflection on the 2021 exhibition Portals curated by okcandice at Eastside Projects. The short film is located in the original exhibition space — fashioned after a British Cariibean living room — and includes the documentary short Northern Souls: Why We’re Here, also set in a living room.

The narrator navigates the living room as a site for archiving; revealing it to be a portal to various timelines and experiences. In examining the living room, the film offers insight into the role of the domestic space and the lineage of public and private grieving, More importantly, it asks us to consider the archive as daily, active practice. To put life into the objects, times, places we often consider relics of memory. 

Portals and Portals: The Living Archive is dedicated to the late JPN.