Can’t Make Money (As An Artist) (2021)
1:42 mins

Slow Reflections on Precarity
Winter 2021/22
British Art Network: Emerging Curators Group, Tate Galleries

As precarity and lack of rest are prevalent issues in the cultural sector for artists and freelancers, we wanted to centre the perspectives of those whose experience of the working environment impacts their ability to work.

Rather than asking these cultural workers to further extend their labour in return for little pay, we decided to use our production budget to pay three artists/curators to “rest” by buying themselves a treat, via a restorative experience of their choice. We then asked them to create an artistic response to this experience of rest, based on questions formed by the editorial team.

Slow Reflections on Precarity is part of the Emerging Curators Group takeover of the British Art Network’s newsletter, Winter 2021/22. okcandice’s contribution Can’t Make Money (As An Artist) is a sonic reflection on their time spent in Glasgow, Scotland after receiving their participation fee. The work speaks to the sisyphean labour of skilled artists who often subsidise their practice with part-time, low paid work.

Candice Nembhard (okcandice)
Lauren Craig
Umulkhayr Mohamed

Lauren Craig (Emering Curators Group)
Umulkhayr Mohamed  (Emerging Curators Group)

Video Editing
Sophia Luk

BSL Interpretation
Dionne Thomas, Diverse Signs

Easy Read Transcription
A2i Transcription Services Ltd