okcandice archive (2012 — ongoing)
Images & Audio

okcandice archive began as an experiment in 2012 and is now a lifelong audio/visual project on memory and imagining futures. okcandice archive aims to democratise archival practice outside of the gallery, academy and museum.  The full archive can be found on okcandicearchive.com. Additional images, stories, videos and sporadic thoughts can be found on Instagram at @okcandice.archive

Minolta Riva Zoom 105i
Minolta Riva Zoom 90EX
Nikon L35AF
Olympus Mju Zoom
Olympus Trip 35
Pentax K1000
Unbranded 35mm

Selected Images (2019-2022)

Trovania, Berlin (2022)

Kate, London (2022)

Sheiva, London (2022)

Dhanya, Berlin (2022)

Douniah, Birmingham (2021)

Dylan, Birmingham (2021)

Katrina & Bex, Berlin (2021)

Sarah, London (2021)

Kondo, Berlin (2020)

Judith, Walsall (2020)

Katrina, Berlin (2020)

Jameel, London (2020)

Dani, New York (2019)
Candice, New York (2019)

Hamza, Berlin (2019)

Bedroom, Berlin (2019)