Meet Me At The Bull Around 12. (2021)
07:58 mins

1-31 August 2021
Eastside Projects, Birmingham

Meet Me At The Bull Around 12. is an audio/visual commentary produced by okcandice for the online group exhibtion SUMMER CAMP at Eastside Projects.

The piece was made as a commentary on the ongoing gentrification of Birmingham’s arts district, Digbeth. It follows the artist as they make their way to through Digbeth towards the city centre as they fire off a series of texts about the city’s developments to an unknown recipient, whom they plan to meet up with.  

The title is a reference to Birmingham’s famous bronze bull statue; a noted landmark and favoured meeting spot outside the aptly titled Bullring shopping centre. 

…kruse, Alex Billingham, Ambie Drew, Amelia Hawk, Avril Corroon, Bruce Asbestos, Candice Nembhard (okcandice), Craig David Parr, Dolly Kershaw, Eleanor Morgan, From Doggerland / Gemma Gore, Hannah Hughes, Izzy McEvoy, Kurt Hickson, Laura Cooper, Leah Hickey, Nikki Sheth /SOUNDkitchen, Rachel Henaghan, Rebecca Farkas, Rodrigo Costa, Soohyun Choi, Yas Lime, Yva Jung

Eastside Projects