The Red Ink
(14/04/2013) Return of the Poll Tax?
(27/04/2013) Freedom of Speech or Racism?

Norwich Radical Film Festival
(18/02/2016)  Girlhood and Womanism

The Norwich Radical [*]
(09/11/2015)  Black History Month and the Practice of Tokenism
(07/04/2016) Education and Colour: The Importance of BME Student Communities
(21/04/2016) Dear Students: It’s Ok To Be Rich
(05/05/2016) Studying You: Students with Grief and Mental Illness
(19/05/2016) Global Rape: Sexual Assault is Everyone’s Concern
(02/06/2016) Black Students in White Education
(16/06/2016) Can I have an Educational Refund?
(14/07/2016) The Revolution will not be Televised
(28/07/2016) Graduating Whilst Black
(11/08/2016) The Miseducation of Grammar Schools
(25/08/2016) Misogynoir in Sport
(08/09/2016) Black Erasure in Art
(21/09/2016) Skepta and the return of Black Punk Ethos
(06/10/2016) Review: Solange’s A Seat at the Table
(21/10/2016) A Place for Poetry
(03/11/2016) Black Brits and Afropeans
(17/11/2016) The Longevity of Art
(15/12/2016) The Radical Notion that we are People: Hope for 2017
(12/01/2017) Living with Less
(22/01/2017) A Creative Distance
(11/02/2017) Lone Wolf: The Racialising of Terror
(10/03/2017) But He’s Not Racist
(11/05/2017) How Not to Interview a Black Artist
(06/06/2017) Young Germans and Urban Glorification
(20/07/2017) Black Women and the Future of R&B
(02/08/2017) Review: Shades of Today – Picking up the Pieces Post Truth

Berlin Art Link

(15/01/2017) Artist Book Review: Sinta Werner
(16/01/2017) Aarhus Open Call
(18/01/2017) Exhibition Review: Paul Maheke
(21/01/2017) Exhibition Review: Rob Blake
(24/01/2017) Exhibition Review: ::vtol::
(27/01/2017) KW Institute for Contemporary Art Spring Programme 2017
(31/01/2017) Exhibition Review: Chloe Piene
(02/02/2017) Interview: Saschka Unseld and Lily Baldwin
(07/02/2017) Performance Review: NON Worldwide
(09/02/2017) Interview: Das Numen
(15/02/2107) Exhibition Preview: Gary Schlingheider at UDK
(18/02/2017) Exhibition Review: Total Records at C/O
(24/02/2017) Interview: Ashley McKenzie at Berlinale 2017
(02/03/2017) Transmediale Festival Talks Review
(03/03/2017) Exhibition Review: Julia Stoschek Collection
(07/03/2017) ARCOMadrid 2017 Highlights
(10/03/2017) Interview and Review with Adam Pendleton 
(21/03/2017) Film Review: Cecile Emeke at Berlin Feminist Film Week
(29/03/2017) Book Review: Ren Hang Monograph
(31/03/2017) Exhibition Review: Missing – Der Turm der Blauen Pferde
(01/04/2017) Exhibition Review: Juxtaposing Narratives
(24/04/2017) Review: Cut in the Mirror – Video Art Screening

this is tomorrow

(30/03/2017) Exhibition Review: Christopher Petit at Decad


(20/06/2017) Review: Jana Sterbak Retrospective