24 | keep it p.o.c.

I graduated from university almost a year ago now (yikes), and in this time frame between then and now, I have been slowly pushing myself to become re-acquainted with the act of reading for pleasure. After studying a literature degree, three years worth of photocopies, highlighters and neck cramp kinda’ took its toll; but taughtContinue reading “24 | keep it p.o.c.”

21 | look for it.

My last post which took great inspiration from the late John Berger was the first stepping stone into looking at observational work. Be it the selfie, portraiture, or even truisms, there is something to be said how a view on a object can render it completely vulnerable. It can be done with a smile, aContinue reading “21 | look for it.”

6 | talk shmalk.

A few days ago, I hosted the first (and possibly the last ever) Talk Shmalk. The event consisted of food, drink, copious amounts of tobacco but most importantly, an idea. The premise was to curate a space in which people could bring an object, an image or any other stimuli, discuss its importance and openContinue reading “6 | talk shmalk.”