26 | me too?

TW/CN: Mentions of rape, sexual violence and mental health issues. 2016, I was in the kitchen when I realised I’d been raped. I was probably making a curry, maybe even a soup, and without further given attention, the thought left as quickly as it came. There was no melt down, no big revelation, no teddyContinue reading “26 | me too?”

22 | neo-soul sundays.

Since moving to Berlin, I’ve seen more weather changes in one day than I care to count. From rain to snow, to bright and sunny mornings, the party capital certainly does have it all. Unfortunately, it is taking a little toll on my skin. (Not going to sit here and proclaim I have the bestContinue reading “22 | neo-soul sundays.”

15 | afro-minimalism.

Around 2009/2010, I was introduced to minimalism. Having spent my mid to late teen years on Tumblr, I became increasingly drawn towards particular clothing styles, interior design, architecture and lifestyles that were all somehow branded as simple or clean living. Although my interest at the time was rather hollow, I’ve recently returned to the ideaContinue reading “15 | afro-minimalism.”

3 | soft/black/woman.

  I have this excerpt of Sonia Sanchez’s poem ‘Present’ pinned up in my room. It sits proudly next to a ‘Respect and Protect the Black Woman’ photograph taken at a rally. Everyday I see these two images and sub consciously make the decision to not only love myself but love myself wholeheartedly; all risksContinue reading “3 | soft/black/woman.”