by Candice Nembhard “It’s difficult to talk about double messages without having a twin tongue.” Audre Lorde, Zami: A New Spelling of My Name I think of this quote from Audre Lorde and wonder why there is very little space for a Black British woman to write herself, moreover, write herself freely without contention.  (via— TheContinue reading “MAKE ROOM FOR MY NAME”

12 | automatic black love.

Unconsciously, I think I’ve always loved myself. In charting the the troughs and peaks of my self-love journey, I can easily say that in my lowest points, there was an innate desire to fully accept my body, my hair, skin, ethics and drive. It’s so easy to remember the points in which you felt veryContinue reading “12 | automatic black love.”

11 | pula.

I recently came back from a trip to Pula, Croatia – and by trip, I mean I went to a music festival and explored the town it was in, once. (That’s still a trip in my opinion). It was my first solo trip to a festival and was great. I’d previously gone back to goodContinue reading “11 | pula.”


by Candice Nembhard There is something to be said for the recent solidarity protests in London, Birmingham and Manchester as organised by the Black Lives Matter movement. Never have I seen such a positive, unionised display of blackness that has caught the eye of not only the media, but also the average citizen. As moreContinue reading “THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED”

3 | soft/black/woman.

  I have this excerpt of Sonia Sanchez’s poem ‘Present’ pinned up in my room. It sits proudly next to a ‘Respect and Protect the Black Woman’ photograph taken at a rally. Everyday I see these two images and sub consciously make the decision to not only love myself but love myself wholeheartedly; all risksContinue reading “3 | soft/black/woman.”

1 | manifesto.

I have noticed a radical change in my thinking, especially as I draw closer to the end of my academic career. I have become less concerned with people as people; moreso fascinated by the idea of people as potentials. When I first curated Underpass, it was a shambles! I had no idea what was requiredContinue reading “1 | manifesto.”