by Candice Nembhard I have been living in Berlin for around two months now and generally the transition from the UK to mainland Europe has been a relatively easy process. If we put rising rent prices, endless German bureaucracy, and the future of Brexit aside, Berlin in some ways is a safe haven for aContinue reading “BUT HE’S NOT RACIST”

Interview w/ Bookmarker Berlin.

I was introduced to Candice by Lavender at the Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz in Berlin-Weißensee when I asked her: What are you reading and how do you like it so far? I am reading ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe. It’s really interesting. I just got into reading it, but so far there seems toContinue reading “Interview w/ Bookmarker Berlin.”

11 | pula.

I recently came back from a trip to Pula, Croatia – and by trip, I mean I went to a music festival and explored the town it was in, once. (That’s still a trip in my opinion). It was my first solo trip to a festival and was great. I’d previously gone back to goodContinue reading “11 | pula.”

8 | paris.

I recently came back from what was technically my first solo trip. Hardly an adventure, when you consider it’s less than hour away by flight but give me some credit; it’s something that I completely undertook by myself. As of late, my interests have been geared towards discovering and entering the world of Afro-Europeans. MyContinue reading “8 | paris.”

2 | afrodeutsche.

As the grandchild of immigrants born and raised in a large multicultural city, a great importance was placed on me knowing, understanding and respecting my ethnic history. Caribbean culture has been an important influence in shaping my values and of course more cultural avenues such as food, music, and community. The societal influence of theContinue reading “2 | afrodeutsche.”