25 | 18:08.

I am scared of the winter as the summer is approaching
Each day asking of a love that needs unfolding
Quiet in the street, a heat boils underneath
Matching the patterns of my feet, scuffed soles kiss concrete
Too bold to become so obsolete we invent a secret greeting
Kissing palm in one touch that only speak of revolutions
New solutions, only truth when
My body opens messages, left unread, better said
Better felt between the gaps that are always
Swallowing like suckers underwater
Gasp gasp
Upwards more, peak the surface, look for life
You see sunlight and kick kick
Water coming in, water coming fast
Relax against the chance to breathe again
Calm down calm down
You are the king who sold his crown
Cause fortune’s gold is only stories told
By creative means to …

© CKN 2017

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