20 | work and glow.

There are big things in store for January. Less than 30-odd days before everything is pulled from its roots and planted elsewhere. Frightened does little to cover the almost manic excitement that is bubbling away – yet my determination still has room to grow.

Online spaces, my written work and social interactions have become a live-action mood board. Thoughts that would have previously remained in my head are now arranged in pictures, short 140 character snippets or music. I think I’ve heavily underestimated the role that social media has played in my development; some good and some bad but such is life.

Light coming through the studio aka mein zimmer :: okcandice

I’m no longer afraid or ashamed of calling myself a poet. I’m not limited by my creative drives and I have learnt to love all the tangents that come with being black, being a creative and being a woman. These identities overlap and coincide in a way that makes for great content.

I’m using this last month of 2016 to think about my work. It’s been a physically and emotionally draining year and in this transitional period, I think it best to look over my experiences and what I can take from them in 2017.

There are new projects coming my way and hopefully in my new environment, new and better calculated/formulated designs of what it is that I want to showcase; what I want people to know about me. Work and go, work and glow – be a shining example, I guess.

This blog post is brought to you by my infatuation with this song:

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