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Not too long ago, I wrote and published a small collection of poems regarding race relations in the United States. More specifically, they contextualized the black man’s experience and what it meant to uphold societal values that are often seen as a threat. The second poem, was called ‘Freedom’. The first line is as follows:

America is run by fear

At the time, I had given it some thought as to what it meant, but in light of the recent presidential election, it’s given a new meaning to these words. America is a series of states that throughout history have operated from an inferior, submissive and frightened position. Whether it be the fear of missing out in global developments, or the fear of a revolutionary uprising- America has not been able to conduct itself with merit or grace.

It’s democratic actions are reactionary: 9/11, The Cold War, Iraq, Cuba, Hurricane Katrina, Wall Street are all examples of the rash decisions made in light of these circumstances. In that same light, the country is shaped by its history; a land of unlawful immigrants who massacred and took over a space that did not belong to them.

It’s underbelly is full of repression

The country showed its true colours yesterday. For the longest time, people of colour knew, understood and experienced the dangers of white privilege and white supremacy; but as the hallmark for whiteness is now in office, my only hope is that this triggers a reaction from people not of desperation, but of planning, cunning, wit and thought. Something’s got to give and it won’t be the people.

‘Freedom’ was published in the Undertow which can be read here or purchased via Eggbox Publishing.

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