I’ve been absent for a really long time and I really have no excuse for that. I moved out of one house, moved back into another, went on holiday, landed a job and am working on a project – I’m busy to say the least.

Closing one chapter of your life in preparation for the next, takes a lot of strength, courage and blind faith. There is no safety net once you graduate and that takes some getting used to. My wish is to use this downtime to really immerse myself in something fruitful. It may be art, friendships, family or even personal well being; but I refuse to let things become stagnant.

I think it’s important I keep writing, keep in contact with people, GO OUTSIDE! Your safety zone is a graveyard of dreams. Little by little I’m pushing myself. I’ll come back when I have something more positive to report.

I am alive, I am well, I have my health and a little joy tucked away. I can’t forget that.

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