7 | black love.


I am pained and I’m tired. They have given up trying to cover up their hatred for black and brown people.

In a twisted Orwellian sense, we have footage, audiotapes, confessions and so on of them massacring innocent people based on their race and/or orientation. The truth is so widely available and accessible but yet we stew over the same conversations and use dated jargon that does not address the severity of the situation.

They want us dead! They literally want to kill us. They have the economic resources, they have the businesses, they have the community and they will not stop until we bleed our last drop. I am scared, but I am more fearful of the anger in our hearts and I await a revolution.

Their division can only work so far. There will come a time, where black hands will hold black hands and step in sync. It must! Too long we have taken our voices and handed them to audiences’ whose job is to dilute our anger and make a mockery of it. We keep handing over our realities to white run media outlets who do not have our best interests at heart.

We need our own black owned, black run spaces to speak, cry, love, dance without fear, without shame, without intimidation. I should not have to market my voice, my body, my hair to be palatable. I should not have to hide away any part of myself to make audiences comfortable. If you ask me a question, expect my honest answer.

They have never ever wanted black people and black love to rise. Secretly they fear the potential of a unionised black race of angry people, fists raised, ready to fight till the last breath. If we fear nothing, we have everything to fight for.

Their crimes are publicised and praised. Our existence is silenced and buried.

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  1. This really apt. I always like to believe that the negative incidents are the outliers but there is so much evidence for wrong doing. I was watching this documentary on Black Power and issues in America last night, you might want take a look. Some of your points were raised. Hope you can access it, its a UK broadcaster: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03t9g3j


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